DIY wrapped belt

I sewed this belt month ago but didn’t have time to post the tutorial….today, I finally share it with you!
I wanted a versatile belt to wear with dresses. It’s always flattering to wear something around the waist, it’s make look slimmer…how wouldn’t want that?

So you gonna need: Faux leather fabric, matching thread, fabric glue and a sewing machine of course.

I made it in 3 parts, one center piece and two side strips. Here are measures of the central part, you may have to adapt it at your size.

So it’s 55cm/22″ length, 12cm/4.5″ high in the center part, and 6cm/2.5″ high on the sides.
Then you have to cut 2 side strips, 105cm/41″ length, 6cm/2.5″ high on the side you gonna sew with the center piece, and 3cm/1″ high on the other side. These are dimensions of the finished belt, do not forget to leave an edge for seam.

Sew the 2 side strips with the central piece. Then sew the flaps all along and finish gluing the extra fabric.

¬†That’s it! Enjoy it and wear it different ways!


 Sorry for the bad quality of some picture! Hope you like it anyway!



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