How to make boho flip flops with tassels

Need a new pair of flip flops for this summer? Here is a great and cheap idea to customize them. I get the flip flops for 5 dollars, and the yarns at 4.5, so it costs under 10 dollars to make those nice boho sandals! Basically, you have to wrap the yarn around the straps and add some tassels. All the details here under.

You will need a pair of flop flops, silicon glue and yarn.

 First make some tassels, we choose to put 3 on each flip flops but it’s up to you! Cut a piece of cardboard and wrap the thread around it. With an other
piece of yarn make a knot on the top. Cut the bottom of the threads. Take an
other piece of yarn and make a knot around the tassel to attach all
yarns together.


Now, you have to cover the strap with yarn. Start by making a knot, put some glue on the strap and wrap the thread around.

Attach the tassel with a knot, and keep wrapping the yarn. 

When you want to change color, make a knot with the yarn ends and keep wrapping!  Don’t forget to put glue all along the strap.

To finish, make a knot and add some extra glue on the inside on the strap. Just to be sure that’s not gonna unwrap!

Do the same for the other side: knot, glue, wrap, tassel, wrap, more glue…..

And done! Pretty nice, don’t you think? If you want to match your flip flops with your necklace, take a look at this tutorial.



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      Thank you kath! I'm so in love with tassels lately…I have to put them everywhere!

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