Bar stool makeover

We have those bar stools for years now…they were suppose to be provisional stools until we find the perfect ones. Well we did not find them or not at the price we wanted. So as those stools are gonna be around for a little more time (years…), and they deserved a little upgrade. I stained the wood in dark chocolate shade and applied two coat of varnish. Then I made a rope cover for the seat part.

 It was quite fun to make the covers. I’m pretty sure I will use this technique again to make rope baskets. Take one end of the rope and wrap it on it self. Use zigzag stitches to sew each rope with the other. Turn the rope and keep sewing until you reach the seat diameter.

Keep sewing and slowly flip the rope piece vertically to make the edges. Sew an extra few rows to have a 1 1/2 inch edge. Make a few extra stitches to finish and cut the rope. Add some glue on the rope end to avoid it to fray.

And done the seat covers are ready! They will make pretty baskets too! Just place the cover on the stool, you can add some glue to fix them properly. To give you an idea of the rope amount you will need, I used 22 yards (20 meter) of rope for each cover.
And if you want to build you own bar stool have a look at this amazing tutorial.





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