Make a pencil holder from a tuna can and a plastic bottle

My six year old daughter like to craft as much as I do. Sometime we have fun working together and some other I have a hard time to find my craft and office supplies because she borrow them..we both are very messy, it doesn’t help!! I get a nice marble table to make her a desk in the playroom, and some pencil holder were required to keep things organized!

 This project cost almost nothing! You will need clean tuna can, some plastic bottles (1 liter) and concrete. First cut out the top part of the tuna can to have a flat side.


The diameter of the plastic bottle must be the same as the can. I found out that 1 liter bottle fit perfectly into the can. Cut the bottom and the neck of the plastic bottle to have a tube.

Cut small triangle flaps at one end of the tube,and fold then trough the inside.

Use your iron to slightly melt the opposite end of the bottle. It will make the edge stronger. You just have to place the bottle on the iron an press a little. I was afraid to ruin my iron but it works good and not a single piece of plastic remain stick on it. I even try at the highest temperature!

 Mix the concrete in a container following the package instruction and pour it into the can. Fill the can up to 2/3. Then place the plastic tube in it, the side with the flaps. Add more concrete to fill completely the can.

Wait 48 hours for the concrete to dry. Remove the can, you may need to use some pliers to take it off. Be careful and use protective gloves….it’s sharp and you can cut yourself  (believe me on that one 😉
And that’s it! Start organizing your desk. The concrete base hold perfectly the plastic bottle. The pencil holders are stable and don’t tip over. I really like that they are completely transparent, it makes it so easy to find the office supplies. If you are looking for more ideas to make a desk organizer, you can have a look at those little mountains or at this solid wood organizer.






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    What a very cool looking upcycling idea!!! Thanx

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