Interior inspiration # Bold ethnic rugs

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If you are a little aware of the last decoration trend, you surly
didn’t miss the avalanche of bold ethnic rug in interior decoration
pics. Rugs are one of the most traditional decor item, the twist
with this last trend is using bold, bright and colorful pattern. It’s the perfect addition to your space if you are tired of grey and white minimal interior. In my opinion those rugs can bring a lot of happiness into any home.

bold rug works very well with a quiet and natural decor: white walls,
wood, leather and natural materials. If you like to add some color on the walls, choose the rug first and then pick one of the shade from the rug for the wall. The usual rooms to use a rug are
the living area (pic 1) and the bedroom. The bright rug will become the focus point of the
room and spice up the decor. Put attention to the size of the rug when
you purchase it, it has to fit your space, you can check those very use full tips to help you choose the right size.

You can
also use a rug to delimit a specific area into an open space. You can
place it under the table to highlight the dinning area (pic 2). A colorful rug is very convenient to clean and don’t show the
stain as much as a solid color (sorry I have two kids, I have to be

If you like bold rug but don’t feel like
you can live with that much color all day long, you can try to place a
colorful rug in the transition rooms, like the entryway (pic 4), the staircase (pic 5)
or the hallway.

I’m not sure how is it to live on a
daily basis with a rug into the kitchen, I feel like it may complicate
the cleaning work (remember, we have a two kids and two dogs house
here). But it definitely looks amazing and turns a functional kitchen
into a cozy place (pic 3).

You don’t need to invest into a huge
rug, you can also add touch of color with smaller carpets. They will
fit perfectly in the bathroom (pic 6). Or you can stage them as wall art. It
will look great on a living room or as a headboard (pic 7). You may need to fix
one side of the carpet on a wood lattice to keep it straight when
hanging on the wall.

So, are you planing on adding a colorful rug to your home decor? Where would you like to have it?

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

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