5 ways to make wire wrapped rings

A time ago we went to visit an opal mine. The kids love it and they were able to dig to try to find some stones. Obviously they came back with a ton of pebbles. Luckily our guide was nice enough to give them some cute small opal stones. Since then I want to turn them into rings. I give a try wrapping wire around it, but the result was quite bad. I hope these cool wire ring tutorials will help me to finally archive my goal of creating a cute wearable opal ring. I will let you now how it turns out! Do you have any jewelry craft project for the next days?

above picture:  DIY wire wrap ring // CLG

Wire wrapped ring //  Make a fable


Create ring from paper clip //  The craftaholic witch

Stone wire rings // For the makers


DIY wrapped crystal ring // Gina Michele

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