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2017 Readers favorites DIY


Before officially starting the year with a new DIY tutorial, it’s always nice to have a look back at what you, readers, liked the most during the past year. I also want to thank you to stop by and to take time to leave comments. It’s always nice to hear from you. I love being a craft blogger and I will keep doing it the best as I can, 2017 wasn’t the best year for the blog so I’m planning to make a few changes, that will hopefully improve the blog. I want to focus more on decoration post, inspiration and DIY, and maybe one or two room makeover! I also want to create more sewing tutorials. I will also love to hear your thought about it, you will make my day if you can take 2 minutes to leave a comment and tell me what would you like to see on the blog.

Let’s start our top 10 of your 2017 favorite posts:

10. The rope lampshade tutorial: As you may know I love making lighting tutorials, I made it for our bedroom using a plastic bottle and some yards of rope…stylish and budget friendly 😉

9. A plywood phone stand, to be able skype with my mom and cooking at the same time (without making a disaster)

8. A toilet paper cover, to hide the extra toilet paper roll…it turns out that the hiding place was too good and no one could find it :))

7. Two ways to make art wall with paper, it’s fun and easy and doesn’t required any drawing skill!

6. How to make baby pants. Instead of trowing away an old t-shirt I use it to make some pants for my baby girl!

5. How to use a tin can as a wall lamp, an simple lighting for our bathroom…meanwhile I’m still looking for the perfect sconces.

4. A DIY recycled watering can. In the pass years I managed to keep my indoor plants alive…and now each time I run to the hardware store I came out with an extra one. A watering can makes think much easier to be sure to give them the proper maintenance.

3. The third place is for this rope purse I made for mother’s day…my own present actually 🙂

2. The paper feathers were quite a hit and make it at the second place of your favorite tutorials.

  1. The winner is the 30 minutes tropical leaves garland…which confirm that what makes great DIY are simple ideas, little time and little money.  I hope you enjoy this 2017 top ten, stick around to see some of the great projects I’m coming with in 2018. Don’t forget to let your post suggestions and ideas in comment!

 ✺✼✴ I wish you all a wonderful and creative 2018   ✴✼✺