3 Apartment amenities that are a must have in 2017

Apartments these days have a lot more amenities than ever before. The more amenities an apartment has, the more attractive it is to potential tenants. Many apartment amenities have also adapted to the different needs of people whether you’re a busy office worker, a pet owner, a student, or a growing family. And because apartments are more than just living spaces, amenities are an important consideration when searching for an apartment.

Some apartments have luxurious amenities while there are others that offer the basic ones. You can find apartments that have a 24-hour concierge, a spa, and even theater rooms. And while it’s great to have a lot of amenities, you do have to consider that this may be included in the rental price. If you just want a nice apartment with the basic amenities, then here are three apartment amenities that are a must have.

In-unit washer and dryer. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that you can do your laundry right inside your apartment. Having a washer and dryer inside your unit saves you time, money, and effort in going to the laundromat. You don’t have to trouble yourself with carrying heavy laundry or putting up with a long queue. It’s convenient and hassle-free.

Fitness center. Going to the gym and exercising is one of the ways to be fit and healthy. You may have gone to a fitness center and paid for a gym membership only to end up not having the time to visit. This has happened to a lot of people, especially when you’re busy at work. And let’s face it, gym memberships can be a bit pricey. Having a fitness center right at your apartment complex brings the gym closer to home. You can come and go whenever you want to and there’s no need to bring along a big gym bag. And just like a regular gym, you can work with different types of equipment and even attend classes.

Shared spaces. These spaces are just as important as your apartment since it allows you to interact with others as well as entertain your guests. This can be a terrace, lounge or porch area, a clubhouse, an outdoor space for BBQ grilling or an outdoor fireplace, a place for playing cards or board games, an entertainment area for watching sports or movies, and a space for parties. This space can also have wifi connectivity to allow you and your guests to access the internet. Shared spaces also make your apartment complex a friendlier place to live in.

Keep these in mind the next time you go apartment hunting and make sure that you tour each of the amenities being featured to get a look and feel of the place. Having these amenities around will make your apartment living more pleasant and more than just a place for sleeping. These amenities are a great addition to your living space and definitely provide you with more comfort and convenience. After all, community building is still important, regardless of where you live.


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