A 30 minutes wall art

Today, just a quick and easy way to upgrade your wall! I wanted to have something eye-catching on the wall in front of the staircase. I like wall decals, they are so easy to apply and can make a change to the room in only a few minutes. I don’t have a lot of time those days, between children’s days, Mother’s day and teacher’s day…Our family schedules is quite crazy! So a washi tape wall art sounds just perfect! I choose to make an Aztec inspired motif.

I’m not even sure you need a tutorial to make it, basically, you just put the washi tape on the wall and done!

Well here are a few tips to have a nice finished design:

  • Make a sketch before you start to have a good idea of your design
  • Start to tape the center part of your design on the wall
  • Use a level for the vertical and horizontal lines
  • Take measurements and mark them on the wall with a pencil (just a point is enough)
  • Extends the tape further than angles to be able to trim the corners with a cutter.
  • If your design has repetitive shapes, you can make yourself a pattern in a piece of paper and use it to report the shape on the wall.



The wall art is almost finished, I just have to finish to trim the corner and add the center shape
It took me 30 minutes to archive this Aztec motif, a quite nice result for so little time!



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    It is very nice, Thanks for give tuttorial. Love

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    this is a very inspiring tutorial for me. Thank you for the tutorial that has been given