5 DIY to try # Wall organizer


The last week I feel a need to organize the house…It happens once a year, so I better be efficient. I ordered the pantry, I even found a pineapple can who expired in 2012!! Yuck! Then I attacked the playroom ( Do you remember the storage bucket?). I even manage to throw away broken toys without the kids knowing it. It feels better, even if there is still a lot to do. I don’t know what will be the next room ( office? laundry room?) but I’m pretty sure I will need one of those great DIY wall organizers!


DIY canvas wall pockets // The Merry Thought


Small wall organizer // Sinnen rausch


DIY out the door box storage // I spy DIY


 Pegboard organizer //  Fabric, paper, glue


DIY wooden wall organizer // The Merry Thought




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