How to build a wooden lantern

It’s always nice to have different lamps in a room, it allow you to change the atmosphere of the space. I’m pretty happy with the wooden lantern I created for Bob Vila. I put it on the drawer in our bedroom, the carbon filament light bulb gives a soft and warm lighting. It’s practice when we are still awake but don’t want to wake up our baby girl by using the ceiling lighting. For now I like it in the natural wooden shade, but I may want to paint it in the future. I have a mat black color in mind, what do you think?  Any other color suggestion?

This wood lantern was quite simple to make and didn’t require any specific tool. It’s a nice project to make for a beginner. Head over to Bob Vila to see the complete tutorial, CLICK HERE


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    This lantern is so adorable! I really love it, so I’m definitely making one myself. Thank you!

    • amaryllis
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      Hello Kelly, I’m glad you like it! It’s quite simple to make, you can find all the building details on Bob Vila.