5 DIY to try # Fall centerpieces

One of the things I’m not good at, is flower arrangements…which is quite stupid for someone named Amaryllis! I always have an idea of what I would like to make and it invariably ends with all the flowers stuck in a too small vase. I don’t even tell you if I try to make a centerpiece! In short, I’ve found some decor to make a nice fall table without getting a headache. You can use fruits, vegetables, candles (check my votive tutorial)…..simple things you have around. I hope it will helps to put your fall decor together. Did you already started preparations for Thanksgiving?

DIY fall flowers & fruits // Julie Blanner

How to bleach pine cones // ehow

DIY pumpink fall centerpiece // A practical wedding

DIY twigs and candles centerpiece // Centro garden

DIY thanksgiving food centerpiece // Delineate your dwelling



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  1. Margaret Henderson
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    Your work is awesome, and I can take any picture and show my company how U had help me do , my house to dress it up. I thank you for that, so, when it comes to link it back to your post I do not , know how, I can tell every one, on my wall or page. So thank You