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Customized t-shirt

A simple idea to customize a shirt without sewing and with very simple materials!
I started with a XL man shirt, so result is pretty wide. But it is doable with smaller size if you want a fitting shirt.

You gonna need:

 T-shirt, chain, eyelets, pliers and scissors

 I cut the neck of the shirt using one of my shirt as model . If you don’t have one, here are the dimensions I used. First draw then cut away. If you are in doubt, cut smaller (it is always possible to enlarge thereafter).

After cutting you should have something like this:

You have to cut the chains and place them on the shirt. Draw a point where to place eyelets.

 Put eyelets and chains.

Cut bottom and sleves.

 That’s it! Enjoy

As the t-shirt is large, I made a belt with the remained chain. It can also be used as necklace!


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