5 DIY to try # Kids beds

I want to make some headboard for the kids beds. They both have a hanging mosquito net which is absolutely essential. But as they move a lot when they sleep, sometime they end up warped in the screen, which is not comfortable. I think to have a high headboard will solve this problem.

My husband has some serious back problems. So we have a memory foam mattress in our bed, which really help him. I have to admit that it makes the bed so comfortable! Therefor, I was thinking of adding some to the kids beds too. I still have to investigate, maybe here mattressmatchers.com, if it is advisable or not for children. Does anybody has some experience to share about that?

Waiting to decide whether or not to add some new mattress, I started looking for some headboard inspiration and I found some awesome tutorial to make kids beds.

How cool is the house bed? I’m sure kids will have hours of fun playing in it!!

 How to build an house bed play house // The design confidential


 DIY cabin bed //  The house of wood


 How to design and build bunk beds // The project girl


 The camping tent bed // The ragged wren


 DIY house headboard // Remodelaholic


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    Love these beds, can't believe they are all DIY. I am not that creative, but I have recently found a great range of unique kids beds, perfect for my kids nearly decorated bedroom. https://goo.gl/cMKXOg