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DIY Ceiling lamp

I have this idea in mind for a long time and, until now, I didn’t taken the time to try to realize it. It’s done now!

I was inspired by the Veroca lamp from B.lux. I’ve only done one but I think to do more, it looks nice when there are several.

You gonna need:

A square of paper 24″x24″ / 60×60 cm (any kind of paper, it’s gonna be use as pattern)

A square of white fabric 27″x27″ / 70 x 70 cm (I used cotton)

Elastic 83″ / 210 cm 

4 Grundtal ikea hangers (or any other similar)

White thread

Safety pin


Sewing machine


4 screws and 4 plugs

1. Cut the fabric using the paper square as pattern, leave extra fabric for seams.

2. Cut the corners of the fabric.

3. Sew the edge of each corner.

4. Fold the sides and make a seam.

5. Make the seam wide enough to be able to pass the elastic in it.

6. Attach the elastic on a safety pin and passes it into the seam.

7. Do the same for all 4 sides.

8. Finish knotting the two end of the elastic. And the sewing part is done!

 I had no ceiling lamp before so I tinkered something. Forgotten 9 and 10 if you already have a basic ceiling lamp. Before handling the lamp turn off the power.

9. I just had a light bulb,

10. So I set a plumbing pipe hanger and I pasted the plug socket on it.

11. Pick up the piece of paper and made ​​a hole in the middle to pass the electrical installation. Paste with tape where you like to have the lamp. With the drill, make a hole at each corner, place a plug and screw the hanger. When 4 hangers are placed, remove the paper and put the fabric. That’s it!

  Remember to always use energy saving light bulbs (it doesn’t heat and it’s environmentally friendly)

 Light on…

….Light off!


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  1. Anonymous
    * * * / * * *

    Je sens qu'on va devoir t'approvisionner en petits "Grundtal" de chez Ikéa 😉
    Chouette idée ! Après les cuillères portes manteaux, voilà les portes manteaux applique lumineuse ! Mam'

    • * * * / * * *

      A moins qu'ils ouvrent enfin un IKEA ici….

  2. Anonymous
    * * * / * * *

    Cool Ama!!! Super idée! Tu penses que le coton résistera lgtps à la chaleur de l'ampoule? Ca me botte assez bien pour les chambres… Des gros bisous!!! Virg

    • * * * / * * *

      Salut couz, les ampoules économiques chauffent très peu, et elles ne sont pas en contact direct avec le tissu! Ça fait 1 mois que j'ai mis le plafonnier dans notre chambre et il n'y a pas eu de problème! Bon aménagement! biz

  3. Anonymous
    * * * / * * *

    Isn't this a fire hazard?

    • * * * / * * *

      I don't think there's risk of fire because I used energy saving bulb (don't heat) and because the fabric don't touch the bulb. I put the lamp in my bedroom and didn't have any problem. But If you don't feel comfortable, don't do it!

  4. Anonymous
    * * * / * * *

    Well that's one way to burn your'e house down.

    I think you should add a metal plate between lamp and the ceiling. Metal should have a little bend so the metal isn't touching the ceiling (nor the lamp). This protects the ceiling and heat dissipates more effective plus reflects more light.

  5. * * * / * * *

    This is interesting, I might try this at home, but with the aid of our electrician for safety purposes.

  6. * * * / * * *

    I've love this and decided to made one for my kids bedrom. But before can you tell me if after all this time it's all ok? Dind't you have any probem? I'll use the energy saving bulb.



    • * * * / * * *

      Hi Monica. I didn't have any problem with the ceiling lamp. For the next one, I will use a thicker fabric to have a more diffuse light…except this detail, all is ok!

  7. Anonymous
    * * * / * * *

    This is such a great idea! I have loved the original lamp ever since I have seen it, but it is expensive, as it is "design".
    I can't wait to have a little spare time to go to ikea and to make this. I am already shuffling different fabric hues in my head :).
    I like the idea of using elastic to fix the fabric – yellow looks great too 🙂
    The only thing I am a bit uncomfortable with though is fixing the bulb to the ceiling with that hook thing. I think I will buy one of those flat ceiling lamps – like Hyby ( or Lock. They are quite inexpensive and you can use the support part to get the bulb in a horizontal position in a safer way.
    Thanks for sharing your idea.

    • * * * / * * *

      Thanks for your comment! The "hook" system work pretty good but you are right, it will be safer with the ikea flat ceiling base…too bad I don't have an ikea nearby. Thanks for the tip!

  8. You have shared a wonderful blog post for ceiling lamp. While reading this post i really enjoyed. thanks for sharing it.