Simple and stylish Christmas lights decoration ideas

Today we will welcome our guest, Helen. She will give us great tips and ideas to create awesome Christmas lighting decor! One of my favorite project is the plywood Christmas tree! Let’s have a look and get inspired by these amazing Christmas crafts.


While fully aware of the design principle that LESS IS MORE, many of us still can’t help going overboard when it comes to Christmas decorations. But let’s face it: sometimes the best arrangements are those that take a few elements and make them look stylish.

If you’re
tired of putting up all those dazzling holiday ornaments, why not just
try combining a few simple items with proper lighting to boost Christmas
spirit this year?

1. Make the Best of your Jars & Bottles for Soft Lighting

jars are nothing but jars if they are only lying in your kitchen
cabinets. Light them up with some crafts will make all the differences!

Snowy Mason Jars

and snow is no doubt a perfect match. Find some idle jars and a few
other materials, then you get these beautiful snowy mason jars!

 >>> Find the tutorial here

Items needed:
Mason jars; decoupage glue; salt; Christmas decors; candles or battery-operated string lights

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Or you can go different by adding snowflake elements to the jar like these.

Magical Mason Jars

you still get some beautiful stickers left in the previous holidays,
why not just make the best of them? The following magical mason jars are
sure to add a fairy touch to your Christmas!

 >>> find the tutorial here

Items needed:
Jars of different sizes & shapes, spray paint, paint marker, bright white string lights.

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Just get creative with the patterns and color combinations!

Lighted Jar Centerpiece

without green and red is not complete. But you need not to be too
classic. This year, how about bringing a fresh atmosphere to your
Christmas table with this mason jar centerpiece?

Or try this gorgeous centerpiece required only mason jars, floating candles, ribbon, and some fresh cranberries!

Glass Jar String lights

If you don’t
get any time for craft projects during this busy holiday season, simply
put some string lights in your jar will make the magic happen! Besides,
ready-to-use glass jar string lights are available to boost your
holiday mood!

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2. Light Creatively with your Christmas Trees 

If you want to surprise your guests this Christmas, it’s
time to deviant from a traditional green Christmas trees festooned with
tasteful decorations, garlands, golden bells and dazzling lights. Try
something fresh and interesting!

A Christmas tree outlined by trunks and string lights will bring rustic sense to your house.

If you’re
a book lover, a Christmas tree stacked up by books or a photo wall in
tree shape are sure to add Christmas flavor to your study.

A Christmas tree shaped by string lights pinned on a wooden panel will complement any minimalist setting.

>>> find the tutorial here

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3. Personalized your Christmas with DIY Ornaments

Easy-to-make Pinecone Wreath

 >>> find the tutorial here

Items needed:
Wire frame, glue, pinecones, evergreen cuttings, berries, LED fairy lights 

Paper Doily Wreath

paper wreath strung with lights creates the magical effect of candles
flickering in the snow. It’s definitely an elegant and delicate piece
you can’t miss for a romantic Christmas!

Items needed:

Wire frame, string lights, paper bouquet

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Twinkling Gift Box


Since gift is an  indispensable element for Christmas, a twinkling gift box will certainly be the highlight of your holiday!

Items needed:

Wood frame/ Semi Translucent Plastic Container, string lights, mesh ribbon.

You can also wrap these gift boxes with fabric like these ones!

Fairy Light Globe

should you buy those holiday ornaments from stores if you have the
right materials in your hand? This Fairy Light Globe is a great addition
to any outdoor environment!

Items needed:

Wire basket from Home Depot (under $5), floral wire, mini string lights

where you live has already become a snow wonderland, dropping a few
lighted balls casting soft light is sure to make your outdoor
environment warm!

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4. Get into the Holiday Spirit without Going over the Top

believe everything is good for Christmas except for climbing ladders to
put up Christmas lights on the roof outside of your house, especially
in the freezing weather. But do you know you can spice up your outdoor
environment by simply adding a laser Christmas light to your house

With a simple unplugging of a cord, your house will become a Christmas paradise which envies your neighbor!

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easy to be overwhelmed by all the Christmas ornaments piling up in the
stores. But bear the golden rule that less is more in mind, and the best
decorations are those that please but not dazzle your eye. Now, it’s time to get your project started!

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