5 DIY to try # Cork

A few week ago my brother asked for some advice because he wanted to improve his home office. So I went on pinterest (of course) in search of nice pics and inspiration. I went through this office, and I just loved the cork wall! It’s a very interesting material and I don’t use it…actually we don’t have any in our house. It has to change! So I made a little cork DIY round-up! As you can guess there is a high probability to have a cork DIY on the blog shortly. Hope you will enjoy it!

 DIY cork planter // The inspired hive

DIY hanging organizer // Burkatron


DIY cork wall clock //  It’s pretty nice


DIY diamond pendants // The lovely drawer


Ikea hack: cork stool // Anna Maria

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    Thanks for featuring my cork project. I love all the projects you've put together.

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      Thanks for letting me share your awesome stools Anna Maria!

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    Cork idea is so cool and new thing to do.Awesome project to try out. Many thanks for sharing your creativity.

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      Thank you! Don't hesitate to visit the featured blogs, they are full of great ideas!