DIY Gold bracelet

A very simple idea to make a pretty bracelet with braiding different chains.

Una idea muy simple para hacer una pulsera bonita trenzado diferentes cadenitas.

 Cut three same length pieces and attach them with the clasp on one side.

Cortar tres piezas del mismo largo y amarar las con el cierre en un lado .

Pass the small chain in the big chain link.

Pasar la canedita entre la mallas de la grande.

To finish attach the small chain end with wire around the chain link. Do the same for the third string.

Para terminar amaran el extremo de la cadanida con un alambre. Hacer lo mismo con la tercera cadenita.

 Et voila,


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    This gold bracelet looks amazing and it is noticeable. Any girl would like to buy this kind of jewelry as it is very decent.

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    I agree with buy body jewellery, this bracelet looks so neat. I would like to wear it. Want to make one for me.

  3. Anonymous
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    Can it be adapted for men?

    • * * * / * * *

      Maybe using silver and thicker chains? Let me know if you're trying!

  4. * * * / * * *

    so great idea i love it and also thank you so much for share with us like this post