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DIY leather & rings bracelet

A fun bracelet tutorial today. It’s simple and you only need a leather cord and some jewelry rings. The bracelets are quite originals and can be worn by both women and men. You can make different versions using washers instead of rings, using color ribbons or rope. Have fun trying different combinations.


 Cut a piece of leather cord a pass a ring into it.

Fold the cord and pass a second metalic ring into the two cord side.


Slide a third ring into the lenght cord side.


Pass the cord with the third ring into the first ring. Tight the rope slightly.



Pass an other ring into the cord, then slide the cord into the last ring and tighten. Keep doing the same until you reach the desired length.

Cut the extra cord lenght and attach with a bow to wear it!

Those bracelet were very easy and fun to do. I used differents kind of rings: copper, titanium blue and metalic green. You can also have a look at this bracelet tutorial, another braided technique idea!





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