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DIY modern baby gate

Our baby girl just turn one, she stand up and tries to walk…it won’t take long until she start running everywhere. So it was time to check the “security level” of the house again and to make some adjustments. Sometimes things go together perfectly and, for my monthly collaboration with Bob Vila, I was asked to build a baby gate. How perfect!

I made a modern baby gate using 1×2 lumbers. I still have to secure the down part of the stairs, so a second gate is on the top of my to do list. You can read the full step by step tutorial on Bob Vila, HERE.

Note that you can also easily adapt this idea to build a pet gate, it definitely looks nicer that a plastic gate. And if like me you try to secure every corner of the house, don’t forget to have a look at my DIY fabric baby gate!

* * *

Nuestra bebé acaba de cumplir un año, se pone de pie e intenta caminar … no pasará mucho tiempo antes que comience a correr por todas partes. Por lo tanto, era hora de verificar nuevamente el “nivel de seguridad” de la casa y hacer algunos ajustes. A veces las cosas se acomodan perfectamente y, para mi colaboración mensual con Bob Vila, me pidieron que construyera una puerta de seguridad para bebés. ¡Perfecto!

Hice una puerta de bebé moderna con maderas de 2x4cm . Todavía tengo que asegurar la parte baja de las escaleras, por lo que una segunda puerta está en mi lista de tareas pendientes. Puedes leer el paso a paso completo en la pagina de Bob Vila, AQUÍ.

Ten en cuenta que también puedes adaptar esta idea para construir una puerta para mascotas, definitivamente se ve mejor que las de plástico. Y si como yo intentas asegurar cada rincón de la casa, puedes echar un vistazo a mi puerta de tela para bebes.





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  1. patti
    * * * / * * *

    this is SO much nicer than a gate from the store!! beautiful!

    • Ama Ryllis
      * * * / * * *

      Thanks Patti…I need to hurry up making the downstairs gate as Ines is about to start walking 😉

  2. Joy
    * * * / * * *

    This is a beautiful gate and would work for pets, but a child could climb over it due to its styling. I would not recommend this style as a baby gate. Watch your child closely.

    • amaryllis
      * * * / * * *

      Thanks for the advice Joy! My baby girl is 1 year and an half and she isn’t able to climb the gate, her feet slips. But you are right, if you are not 100 % sure it’s safe, you better avoid using the gate for children … we are never careful enough with the little ones as they always have a lot of imagination to make foolery. Have a nice day!