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DIY Straw earrings

Summer is here…35°C ( 95°F ) at noon, It makes you just want to jump into a swimming pool and drink a cocktail! Too bad we don’t live near the beach!
So a little summer tutorial (or to bring summer where is still cold weather) to recycle your cocktail straws into nice earrings!

You gonna need: Staws, glue, jump rings, earring wires.

Cut neon straw into small pieces. Make 2 holes with a needle, pass a jump rings into it and fix earring wire. I drew a circle on paper to make the shape and glue straw pieces together. I used super glue…it work good but smell very bad, might have been preferable to use a glue gun!

diy straw earrings

I’ve made another pair with painted straw.

Cut and glue straw pieces together, spray paint them. When it’s dry, fix earrings wires.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial, have a nice (sunny?) day!



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