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DIY to try # sugar skull craft

One of the best thing about Halloween is to have a good excuse to put sugar skull everywhere! I love calaveras! I like their color and their ironic representation of death. I thing day of the death in my favorite Mexican celebration. I still don’t know how to make an altar the right way, and I can’t never remembers which is the symbolism of each object on it! But I do like sugar skulls a lot!!! You can have a look at this selection of great tutorial, I’m sure you will find a fun way to add calaveras in your life!

DIY sugar skull planters // Unknown mami


 Day of the dead skull printable // Design is Yay


 Sugar skulls necklace // I love to create


Embroidered sugar skull (template included) // The craftinomicon


 DIY day of the dead string light // I love to create


Dia de los muertos skull banner // Maker mama


DIY calavera felt patch jacket // Pearmama

 Dia de los muertos free printable mask // Tried and true


DIY sugar skull sneakers // Dream a Little Bigger


Felt sugar skull sachets // Adventures in making

Free printable goody bags


DIY calavera votives (free printable)

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