How to make terrazzo paper

How was back to school for you and your kids? I finally finished covering the school books of my two kiddos. I made the count and I had to cover 31 books! It wasn’t even with fun patterned paper, we are just allowed to cover them with an assigned color and/or a transparent adhesive paper. I guess it’s why I wanted to add some originality to my office and to my notebook. So to be in line with the current trend I made a terrazzo paper. You can use it to cover what ever you want from a box to a book.

You will find my tutorial HERE on Dream a Little Bigger


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  1. Dalia
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    My workplace is in a building with that kind of floor, the resin makes peoples shoes squeak :-). But it’s from way back when, very retro/vintage in that its a building from the 60s. I just recently tought that if it hadn’t such Grandma’s Kitchen Label attached to it, it would be quite pretty. Who knew it is a trend? I should become a tastemaker…

    • amaryllis
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      Yes you should…And it was also a trend in the 60s because my Granny have this kind of floor in her kitchen, so the Grandma’s Kitchen Label is quite accurate 🙂
      I guess that trend are often a repeat of old fashion stuff.