DIY wooden cube lamp

 Lighting is an important part for home improvement and it can really makes a huge difference in a room. It’s always nice to use different lighting points, to be able to modulate the light and create a different ambiance. Today we gonna make a minimal cube lamp.


  • 2 pieces of wood 5’x 9′ cut straight
  • 2 pieces of wood 5’x 9′ cut with two 45 angle (9′ being the smallest side)
  • Smalls nails
  • hammer
  • wooden glue
  • wood stain
  • white paint
  • varnish
  • brushes
  • bulb, wire, plug socket, switch and plug
  • drill
  • screw driver

Makes it easier and ask at your hardware store to make the cuts.

Take one of the wood piece with the straight edges. Mark the center and drill a hole to pass the cable. The plug socket base must fit in it too. So you will probably have to sand the edges to enlarge it.

Glue and nail the four side of the cube together.

When the glue is dry, sand it and stain it (if you like to). Protect the edges and paint the inside in white, this will gives a nice light reflection.

Assemble the plug and the switch on the wire. I decide to spray paint everything in copper for a nice finish. If you don’t feel comfortable about messing with electrical supplies you can find already assembled wire in stores. And if you are lucky they may have nice colors!

Pass the wire into the hole and fix the bulb soquet with the wire. You just have to slide a wire in each contact point and turn the screw to lock.


And done! A nice modern lamp! you can place it on one side or on an angle. If you are looking for more lighting inspiration take a look at those paper lanterns and this table lamp round-up.

PS: I made the fake coral with my glue gun, take a tour here to know how!



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  1. Anonymous
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    Très chouette la lampe à 2 positions, mais c'est vrai qu'un p'tit coup de ponceuse ne fera pas de tort pour les prochaines réalisations dixit le ponceur fou 😉

    • * * * / * * *

      C'est sure que ce sera plus facile que de poncer a la main!

  2. Godwin
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    It was very helpful,thanks