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Customized boho flip flops

Customized boho flip flops

Who doesn’t love to wear flip flops? I don’t know about your, but I love to wear sandals in summer. Even during winter time I usually wear flip flops into the house., sometime with socks which, I admit, is a weird combination.

If you want to give your plain flip flops a boho twist I have the perfect DIY for you! With just some colored yarn and a little glue you can customize your flip flops and turn them into nice boho sandals. You have to wrap the yarn around the straps and add some tassels, it’s so simple. You will find all the details to make yourself a pair here under.

UPDATE: I made these flip flops back in summer 2015 and I still wear them nowadays (summer 2019) so I can confirm you that they hold awesomely well for a pair of customized shoes. I won’t post a pic because they are a little dirty as I wore them A LOT, but the yarn is still wrapped around the straps and the tassels in place.

Customized boho flip flops

Customized boho flip flops:

Material you will need:

  • a pair of flop flops
  • silicon glue
  • several colours of embroidery yarn
  • scissors

Customized boho flip flops

First make some tassels, I choose to put 3 on each flip flops but it’s up to you! Cut a piece of cardboard and wrap the thread around it. With an other
piece of yarn make a knot on the top to hold the wrapped yarns together. Cut the bottom of the threads. Take another piece of yarn and make a knot around the tassel to attach all the yarns together.

Customized boho flip flops


Customized boho flip flops

Now, you have to cover the strap with yarn. Start by making a knot, put some glue on the strap and wrap the thread around.

Customized boho flip flops

Attach the tassel with a knot, and keep wrapping the yarn adding glue little by little as you wrap the yarn.

Customized boho flip flops

When you want to change color, make a knot with the yarn ends and keep wrapping!  Don’t forget to put glue all along the strap.

Customized boho flip flops

To finish, make a knot and add some extra glue on the inside on the strap. Just to be sure that the yarn will remain in place!

Customized boho flip flops

Do the same for the other side: knot, glue, wrap, tassel, wrap, more glue… get it! start all over again to make your second flip flop.

customized boho flip flops

And done! Pretty nice, don’t you think? I love how the tassels give a boho vibe to the flip flops.

If you have some embroidery yarn left over, and want to make more craft I have some other nice tutorials for you, like How to make a tassel necklace pendant  (is it too much to have a necklace that match your flip flops?) If you prefer you can stitch a cat pillow.

customized boho flip flops

customized boho flip flops

Want to remember this? Save these Customized boho flip flops to your favorite Pinterest board!

customized boho flip flops



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      Thank you kath! I'm so in love with tassels lately…I have to put them everywhere!

  1. Barbara
    * * * / * * *

    I’d love to learn more

  2. Cecilia
    * * * / * * *

    I’ve made similar flip flops, but using leather or satin cording. I spray ScotchGard on them (strap area only-cover the platform area) to help protect from dirt, etc. You have to reapply it periodically and probably it’s best if you don’t get them wet. Love the idea of using the embroidery thread, so pretty and also love the tassels!

    • amaryllis
      * * * / * * *

      Hello Cecilia, what a great tip to spray Scotchgard, thanks for sharing it.