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How to make a tassel necklace pendant

Today I show you how to make an easy peasy tassel necklace, the perfect accessory for this summer. You can make it in any color, it will bring a bright touch to any outfit!

Supplies you gonna need: Chain, clasp, rings, beads, jewelry pin, embroidery thread and pliers.

 Puts the beads on the jewelry pin and fold the ends to make loops. Hook each loop with the chain.

 I choose two matching embroidery thread to make the tassel. Cut a piece of cardboard and wrap the thread around it. With an other piece of yarn make a knot on the top. Cut the bottom threads. Take an other piece of yarn and make a knot around the tassel to attach all yarns together.

Put a ring in the chain and attach the tassel on it with a knot. I wrapped a piece of jewelry wire around the tassel…. it gives a nice finish look.

Attach a few matching color beards on the side of the chain. 

And done! Easy! I love it and I think of doing more in different colors. Which color would you like to wear?
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