I’m still here

 I didn’t have much time to blog lately, I was busy with the Foreign Community Festival.
It’s a very nice WE festival in my city, 55 countries presented their culture, gastronomy and crafts! I’m in charge of the Belgian booth so I prepared 50 kg (110 pounds) of waffles, we also had chocolate and beer!
A lot of work and fun! I was so tired after (yep…I’m getting old) and need to fix the house: cleaning/laundry/organize all that boring stuff don’t get done on them self! So I will be back on craft next week, have a nice WE!

Y para los mexicanos: si buscan cerveza Belga (o de otro país) miran el sitio de Beer Bank y si les encantan el buen chocolate es por aqui!


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  1. Anonymous
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    tu peux en ramener quelques unes à la fin du mois… des gaufres évidemment. La bière… on la boira ici!

    • * * * / * * *

      Je suis pas sure que je vais en refaire dans les prochaines semaine…50 Kg!!! je sature un peu! Par contre pour la bière c'est quand tu veux ;)!