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  • Paper Lampshade DIY

    Paper Lampshade DIY
  • Easy to make DIY phone stand

    Easy to make DIY phone stand
  • How to make Paper photo frame

    How to make Paper photo frame
  • How to make extra large pom poms

    How to make extra large pom poms
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    Easy to make 3D Paper house
  • DIY Holly Christmas Garland

    DIY Holly Christmas Garland

How to sew a Tote bag

I’m supposed to start a part-time job as a French teacher but I’m still waiting for my schedule!   As far as I remember my favorite part of going back to school was the new… View Post

Pasta necklace…again!

I know….this is the third post (for those who follow) with pasta necklaces … I can’t stop!  We went to Belgium a few weeks ago to visit family but also for my cousin wedding! My… View Post

DIY vase

Here is an easy idea to display flowers! I get the inspiration from the  Vase d’avril of Tsé-Tsé designers. I used tequila glasses and embroidery thread, it took me only 15 minutes to make this… View Post

DIY wolf costume

Tomorrow is “el dia del niño”, so there is an event organized on school. Parents of each class must present a show! We have to play the tale of Little Red Riding Hood … and… View Post

DIY faux leather belt

I sewed this belt month ago but didn’t have time to post the tutorial….today, I finally share it with you! I wanted a versatile belt to wear with dresses. It’s always flattering to wear something… View Post

Where have I been?

We spend a few weeks in Belgium visiting family and friends! As you can imagine, I didn’t have much time to craft and post, sorry amigos!   It was a long trip down there, but… View Post

Sew a faux leather purse: trio zippered bag

I have been sewing a lot lately, and didn’t have time to take pictures yet! So, one of the last things I made was my sister birthday’s present, a trio zippered bag! I work on… View Post

DIY recycled felt basket

Today an easy idea to create a recycled basket! You gonna need a plastic container (I used a bleach bottle but anything you have around should work), felt and embroidery thread. Cut felt in strips… View Post