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Recycled microwave crayola

I’ve seen several tutorials for recycling crayolas using the oven, but never with the microwave. And as my kid’s pencils box looks like this….I decided to give a try.

He visto varios tutoriales para recyclar crayolas usando el horno, pero nunca con el microondas. Y como la caja de crayones de mis niños era eso….me decidí a intentarlo.

J’avais déjà vu plusieurs tutoriels pour recycler des crayolas au four, mais jamais au micro-onde. Et comme la boite à crayons de mes enfants ressemblait à ça…j’ai décidé de tenter le coup.

I cut the crayolas into small pieces and put them in an ice cube tray (bad idea you’ll see!).

Corté los crayones en trozos pequeños y los pusé en una bandeja para hacer cubitos de hielo (mala idea ya verás!)

J’ai coupé les crayons en petits morceaux et les ai mis dans un bac à glaçons (mauvaise idée vous allez voir!)

I put everything in the microwave on “defrost”, and ….

Puse todo en el microondas sobre “descongelar”, y ….

J’ai mis tout au micro onde sur “décongeler”, et….

It’s messed up!!!

Y se arruino!!!

Ça a foiré!!!

The ice cube trays are not made ​​for microwave …. what a surprise! 😉  But it’s all I had on hand! I cut the melted parts and I started again. It works best with smaller tanks, it avoids having one side burned and the other not even melted.

Las bandejas de cubitos de hielo no están hechas para ir en el microondas …. Que sorpresa! 😉 Pero es todo lo que tenía a la mano! Corté las piezas fundidas y empecé de nuevo. Funciona mejor con tanques más pequeños, evitan que se quema un lado y que el otro ni siquiera se derrite.


Les bacs à glaçons ne sont pas fait pour aller au micro onde….on s’en doutait, mais c’est tout ce que j’avais sous la main! J’ai coupé les parties fondues et j’ai recommencé. Ça fonctionne mieux avec des bacs plus petits, ça évite d’avoir un côté brulé et l’autre même pas fondu.

Conclusion, it’s works but:
Use microwave containers.
Melt small amounts at a time.
Use “defrost” and keep an eye on it ( it takes 2-3 minutes … but it depends on each microwave).

Conclusión, funciona pero:
Debe utilizar recipientes para microondas.
Derretir pequeñas cantidades a la vez.
Utilice “descongelar” y supervisar (toma 2-3 minutos … pero eso depende de cada horno de microondas).

Conclusion, ça fonctionne mais:
Il faut employer des récipients pour micro-onde.
Faire fondre des petites quantités à la fois.
Employer la fonction “décongeler” et surveiller ( ça prend 2-3 minutes…mais ça dépend de chaque micro-onde).

Et voila! Have fun!


Rahul Kataria

Friday 18th of October 2013

wow nice Microwave having good quality.According to me it is a best product.


Friday 27th of September 2013

I've tried this before by baking the crayons into cupcake papers but this looks so much better! Good thing you thought of putting a paper plate under the mold eh? :)

Ama Ryllis

Friday 27th of September 2013

Hi Liz, It's not a paper's just the microwave plate! I didn't thought it could possibly messed up! The good thing is: it was easy to clean (using hot water...just in case someone else melts the mold too). I was lucky on this one!!

Allison @

Friday 27th of September 2013

When I was a kid I always hated the waste that came with coloring. I'd use the color all the way down to the nib and I'd hear something like "just use another blue". Didn't they get it, it was the wrong blue?! My nephews have a whole bucket of nubs left behind. We might be doing this this weekend to repurpose them. Thanks!

Ama Ryllis

Friday 27th of September 2013

Haha I understand! I was bothered to not use my pencils the same way ... I wanted them all to remain the same size to keep the box as nice as new!! yeah...I was a bit obsessive! Have fun with your nephews!