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  • Paper Lampshade DIY

    Paper Lampshade DIY
  • Easy to make DIY phone stand

    Easy to make DIY phone stand
  • How to make Paper photo frame

    How to make Paper photo frame
  • How to make extra large pom poms

    How to make extra large pom poms
  • Easy to make 3D Paper house

    Easy to make 3D Paper house
  • DIY Holly Christmas Garland

    DIY Holly Christmas Garland

How to stencil a wall with Royal Design Studio

  For a few months, I’ve been thinking of adding a splash of color to the entrance. I spend hours on Pinterest looking for nice color, wallpapers, interesting pattern….you know, every 5 pins I found…

How to make paper hummingbird

Hummingbirds are fascinating birds, both by their small size and by their speed of movement.We put a hummingbird feeder in our yard, but no birds have come yet. We may have to try another food…

How to paint a plastic tray

 Here is and easy tutorial to customize a plastic tray. I’ve got this simple tray for years…I’m not even sure where I get it. Maybe it comes with the fridge. What ever…the point is it…

DIY Monday # Table runners

Here are some ideas to make pretty table for Christmas. Tables runners add a nice touch of color and are easy to do! Take look at those fabulous tutorials, and don’t forget you can always…

DIY Flower votive

[AdSense-A] I’m happy to share a great news with you: I’m an official contributor at Allison’s blog Dream a little bigger. So, once a month, I will make an original DIY over there. As first…

DIY Mail organizer

What do you do with your mail? Did you have a storage place? I used to drop them on the kitchen counter…and forgot them until the pile became too big! So I came up with…

DIY Coral

If you like coastal decor, you will enjoy this simple tutorial. I explain how to craft a branching coral and a gold coral. The best part is without a doubt that you can have nice…

DIY Magnet frames

Years ago when I bought my fridge, I chose a pretty stainless steel design model! Then I had children … will ya please tell me I’m not the only one with a horrible messy fridge…