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  • Paper Lampshade DIY

    Paper Lampshade DIY
  • Easy to make DIY phone stand

    Easy to make DIY phone stand
  • How to make Paper photo frame

    How to make Paper photo frame
  • How to make extra large pom poms

    How to make extra large pom poms
  • Easy to make 3D Paper house

    Easy to make 3D Paper house
  • DIY Holly Christmas Garland

    DIY Holly Christmas Garland

DIY Monday # Headboard

Give your bedroom a nice finish with an original headboard. Take a look at those simple ideas. You can use fabric, wood, washi tape…You surely gonna find something who match your taste and you can…

How to paint a plastic tray

 Here is and easy tutorial to customize a plastic tray. I’ve got this simple tray for years…I’m not even sure where I get it. Maybe it comes with the fridge. What ever…the point is it…

DIY drawer unit

I wanted to improve the space in the entrance, and we really needed storage (bike helmets, caps, motorbike equipment…a lot of stuff). Making a piece of furniture is something I had in mind for a…

DIY crates storage

When my friend asked me if  I wanted some crates she was giving away, I just answered: Yes of course! I want them all! I didn’t know exactly what I was gonna make with them,…

DIY Monday # Dining table

First post of the year, I hope you alright! Here are some ideas to make dining room tables. These tutorials use simple and inexpensive materials such as plumbing pipe, triplex boards or pallets. So you…

DIY Side tables

If you follow the blog for awhile, you know I have an addiction for recycling old paint buckets! This time I made side tables … if you don’t remember the previous DIY, take a look…

DIY Bookcase / Librero

  It’s been 5 years since we move from Belgium to Mexico, and there are still unopened boxes! I have to admit that was easier when we change home two years ago, but it’s time…

Shelves made with paint bucket

[AdSense-A] With the hope of keeping the game room in order, I made those shelf with paint buckets. It’s easy and economic to do, and it gives a place to store smalls items. I like…