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  • DIY Desk Organizer Caddy

    DIY Desk Organizer Caddy
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    Shoe storage ideas: 21 easy DIY
  • DIY flower vase with concrete

    DIY flower vase with concrete
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    DIY Cactus Pillow Sewing pattern
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    DIY Scandinavian Patio Ideas
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    How to make a succulent pillow

DIY Magnet frames

Years ago when I bought my fridge, I chose a pretty stainless steel design model! Then I had children … will ya please tell me I’m not the only one with a horrible messy fridge…

DIY Side tables

If you follow the blog for awhile, you know I have an addiction for recycling old paint buckets! This time I made side tables … if you don’t remember the previous DIY, take a look…

DIY twigs deco

Twigs are always a good idea to decorate! I had already made a decoration for Christmas, but it was time to change it, and make it a little more summery. This was done in only…

DIY Memo board

It’s always useful to have a memo board somewhere in the house, it can be in the kitchen to keep recipes and shopping list, or in the craft room as an inspiration board, or you…

DIY Towel holder

With five of us using the bathroom, we needed some extra space to hang towels. I found this idea on Bloesem Living, Irene made ​​accessories displays for her shop using dowels and leather straps. It’s…

DIY recycled denim basket

Denim is such a versatile cloth piece, we all own at least a few pairs. In my case, it’s my daily mom uniform. After a time they always get used and start to have holes…but…

DIY Christmas Bow Door

Christmas decor isn’t complete without decorating the front door. Don’t you agree? I hanged a wreath last year but it moved a little with the wind and scratched the door paint. Nothing serious but our…

Twigs Reindeer wall decor

    Gather materials. You’ll need a sheet of black cardboard (1mm thick), some twigs, white glue, scissors, a pencil and double-sided tape. Reúna el material. Necesitarán una hoja de cartón negro (1 mm de…