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  • DIY flower vase with concrete

    DIY flower vase with concrete
  • DIY Cactus Pillow Sewing pattern

    DIY Cactus Pillow Sewing pattern
  • DIY Scandinavian Patio Ideas

    DIY Scandinavian Patio Ideas
  • How to make a succulent pillow

    How to make a succulent pillow
  • DIY paper Palm Leaf

    DIY paper Palm Leaf
  • How to make relaxed roman shades

    How to make relaxed roman shades

DIY flower vase with concrete

Who likes to have pretty fresh flowers in the house? I love spring and summer when we can bring back wildflowers from our walks. I like to display them in small size vases. They are…

DIY paper Palm Leaf

A big trend in decoration lately is a simple interior with neutral colors and natural materials. There are so many ways to add a touch of nature in the home. You can use materials like…

DIY Giant Daffodil paper flower

It’s so much fun to make paper flowers! I remember when I was a kid we spend our Easter holidays on the beach with my cousins. My mom and my aunt keep them self busy…

How to make a yarn vase

Even if I finally learn how to keep my plants alive, it wasn’t always like that. Not so long ago I was a serial plant killer…I can’t remember who many dies in my hands, but…

DIY sugar skull flower crown

There is two kind of people, the ones how love wearing a costume and wait for Halloween to disguise themself. And the others who don’t like costume at all…I belong to the second category! I…

Let’s hang some flowers on the wall

I like to have flowers around the house. I’m doing better by keeping my greens alive but it’s more complicated to grow flowers. And being honest, I just killed the last two potted flowers I…

DIY foliage sign

I’m so exited to finally share with you the first work of my collaboration with Sugar & Cloth. I’m so happy to work with them! I created a fresh and fun sign, perfect to add…

How to make a pretty toilet paper cover

This fern hide a secret…I remember that my grand-mother has (and probably still have) a fabric hat to hide the extra toilet paper roll in the toilets. It was made in the same fabric as…