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Summer break

Hello DIYer,

A quick note to let you now that next weeks will be quiet on the blog. I’m taking a few days off. The post publication will be back on normal Monday 15. Meanwhile, I made you a small selection of tutorials if you want to keep crafting during summer time. A first round-up of DIY to improve your backyard if you want tinkering outside. And a second selection of tutorial to prepare the back to school, if your vacations are about to finish, or if it’s rainy and you can’t be in your backyard!
Enjoy your time and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

1- Turn a simple grill into an outdoor kitchen
2- How to built a modern birdhouse
3- How to make an industrial look tiki torch
4- Build yourself a simple outdoor bench
5- DIY wind chimes
6- How to make an outdoor planter 

1- DIY plywood memo board
2- How to make a solid wooden desk organizer
3- How to sew kids lunch bag
4- The easiest tote bag tutorial
5- Sew a pouch in 30 minutes (it also works for a pencil case)
6- DIY mountain pencil holder

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