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Top 3 Tips For Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing the lawn may seem like a simple enough task, but the way it is done may have good or bad effects on the way your lawn will look. Have you ever been to a football field or baseball park and marveled at just how beautifully maintained the grass is? This is an example of a really good way of maintaining a lawn.

That same beauty can be done also in your house’s lawn, but you need to work hard for it. You can also follow some of the rules known to a people who regularly mow their lawns. One of these rules is that you never mow more than one-third of your grass at a time. This is to make sure that your lawn stays healthy.

Another rule is that you never mow the lawn when the grass is wet. There’s really no danger of damaging the grass, but there is a tendency that you might get an uneven cut. The best time to cut would be around late mid or late morning. It would not be too hot but you can be assured that the grass is dry.


Here are other tips you can follow in mowing your lawn.

  1. Maintain your equipment – a chef will never enter the kitchen when his knives are not at optimum capacity. He makes sure that they are cleaned, well-maintained and most importantly, sharp. If you want your lawn looking great, your equipment must be well-maintained. Keep the blades of your lawn mower sharp to achieve that well-manicured lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Especially during lawn mowing season, make sure that you have access to a grinding wheel or a mill bastard file to sharpen your blades. You can also buy extra blades ready to use in case your other one gets dull. It’s also good to avoid mowing through areas which can cause your blades to get dull. That means steering away from branches and stones when you mow your lawn.
  2. Do not cut the grass too short – the term used for this practice is scalping. If you cut the grass in your lawn too short. This practice can cause ugly brown patches in your lawn, which is something that’s unsightly to see. Aside from that, a scalped lawn is vulnerable to the growth of weeds due to the exposed soil. The root system in a scalped lawn is also weak, which may lead to your lawn getting damaged when the temperature is too hot or when your area experiences drought.
  3. Get the services of a professional – truth be told, if you want your lawn to look as immaculate as a football field, you will need to get the services of professionals. They, after all, do it for a living and would know all about the tips and tricks to maintaining a good lawn. It would also give you more time to focus on other things that you would rather do. If you live in Brisbane and are looking for professional help, go to this site which offers lawn mowing services in Brisbane. They offer great services at affordable prices, so check them out today.

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    I like what you recommend about not cutting the grass too short. My lawn mower’s height setting recently broke so it’s constantly at the minimum. I don’t want to cause any unnecessary damage to the lawn so getting a new mower before mowing next would be very helpful to make sure I don’t cause it to be unhealthy. Thanks for the tips!

    • amaryllis
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      Hello Tyler, I had the same problem here. We use to cut the grass very short to not have to mow to often! And it was a very bad idea, it didn’t grow well and it began to have holes in it. It took me awhile before realizing that cutting the grass to short was the reason of our lawn bad shape.