Why Dimmer and Smart Switches are the Wave of the Future

Between your Starbucks order, vanity plate, Netflix account, and smartphone, everything is about personalization these days. The world has changed from that of a one-size-fits-all kind of mentality to an individualist way of thinking. With this departure from collectivism comes a focus on making the world around us what we want it to be. Not everyone gets married at 21, has kids, and buys a house with a white picket fence. Even if they do, they certainly make the inside of their home exactly what they want it to be, from the window treatments to the light switches on the walls. Personalized, customized smart homes are becoming commonplace. Home automation is a matter of convenience; it’s the answer to the question everyone’s asking: “How can we make lives easier?”


If you’re one of the countless people who’ve known the pain of getting all settled in bed and realizing you forgot to turn off the light switch, consider an alternative to aid in your long-term convenience. In the mid ‘90s it was the Clapper. Now, it’s dimmer switches and smart switches.


What’s a Dimmer Switch?

Dimmer switches have been around for a while. They do what you expect them to: dim lights to your exact preference. For example, you may want the lights at their brightest if you’re chopping veggies in the kitchen, but you may only want your lights at 10 percent if you’re watching a movie in your den. Dimmer switches are perfect for this. They’re also an affordable way to increase energy efficiency, extending the life of your light bulbs and cutting costs on your electric bill. The ability to adjust the level of light in any given space, not just from off to on, also makes your home environment feel more chic and sophisticated.


What’s a Smart Switch?

The next level up from dimmer switches is smart switches. Smart switches are Wi-Fi connected switches that are sometimes controlled from a central home console, but more often from an app on your smartphone, taking accessibility and convenience to the next level. Smart switches can be operated manually, but frequently have more intuitive control types including certain gestures or movement. Smart switches also have dimming capabilities, but since much of their operation is digitized, they can more precisely achieve the level of brightness (or dimness) you want in your home. Plus, with smart switches you can always be sure you turned off the lights…even if you’re all the way across town!

What’s the Difference?

Both dimmer switches and smart switches are forms of personalized lighting. Both adjust the brightness of a room along a spectrum. Both can help and prolong the lifespan of your lightbulbs. With a plethora of sleek options from brands like Legrand Adorne, each with a wide range of functions, dimmer switches and smart switches are an excellent way to update your home and downsize your electric bill.


Smart switches are simply smarter, often capable of performing a wider range of tasks and possessing a more diverse feature set. Plus, the Wi-Fi connectivity dramatically increases accessibility, so you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your bed if you forget to shut off (or dim) your lights ever again.


In your quest for customization, don’t neglect your lighting controls. After all, they allow you to see the world in your perfect light.

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