Why You Should Update Your Home’s Supply Line

Do you hate having low water pressure every time you are doing the dishes or trying to take a shower? This could be because of your home’s supply line! Many older homes don’t get good, consistent water pressure. This is because older homes are still using galvanized steel pipes if they haven’t been upgraded. Updating your home’s supply line can provide you with increased water pressure and safety in your home’s plumbing, and potentially saving you thousands of dollars in in repair costs in the long run. It’s difficult to see the big picture, and know if any plumbing work done prior to moving in was a do-it-yourself job, or the work of a plumber. It’s best to have a trained and experienced professional come in and asses the space, and ultimately update your home’s supply line.

If you live in an older home, and the pipes have not been replaced since it was built, it is most likely that your home’s supply line is made from galvanized steel. Galvanized pipes tend to have a life expectancy of about 40-50 years, and unless the homeowner before you had the fixtures updated, it is most likely that your pipes are past their expiration date. Over the years, with so much water flowing through the pipes, mineral and calcium deposits start to build up around the interior, decreasing the size of the area available for water to flow through. This, coupled with the regular effort it takes for water to flow through your pipes and potentially up multiple levels in your home, can have severe effects on your home’s water pressure.

Updating your home’s supply line will also prevent any of the sediment like mineral and calcium deposits that have built up on the inside of your pipes from flowing into your house and contaminating the water you use to drink, cook and clean.

Another reason to update your home’s supply line, is that older pipes begin to rust from the inside out. Since most older homes are using galvanized steel as mentioned above, the process of the pipes rusting will then the steel, making your line more susceptible to a break or a leak. It’s impossible to tell how your pipes were monitored prior to you moving in, and poor maintenance may mean that it’s better to update your home’s supply line sooner rather than later. Even if you seem to only have a small leak here or there, those are telltale signs of more intense trouble down the road. Preventative maintenance is always the smarter solution and Toronto’s plumbing experts can provide you with any advice you need to get started.

Updating your home’s supply line may seem like a daunting task, but has many benefits that out weigh the effort.
In addition to the benefits such as higher water pressure throughout
your home, preventing water contamination from rust and sediment, and
preventative maintenance possibly saving you thousands of dollars in the
long run, the government offers rebates for people looking to make the

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