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A DIY entrance Makeover

In the same vein as the bedroom makeover, I want to show you that you don’t need a lot of money to improve your home. Here is the recap of my entrance makeover. It took time and work to complete but every thing was made on a tight budget.

Let’s have a look at the before, plain white walls, a ready to fall dusty paper lantern, small metal lockers,and some Christmas reindeer who becomes permanent decor! No exaggeration to say that the entrance needed a serious improvement.

The center piece is without doubt the stenciled wall. I paint with The Otomi stencil from Royal design studio. You can have a look at the complete process and catch some tips here.
The wall paper lamp gives a nice beautiful lighting along the corridor that leads to the entrance.

A cute little detail with geometric planters.

A simple frame lamp, much better than the old paper lantern.  I think I will change the bulb for one with carbon filament.

I picked these minimal coat hangers at Ikea, nice design and nice price.

This plywood drawer was a lot of work but we really need some storage in the entrance.

Next step: teach kids and husband how to put them stuff back in place!

DIY recap for the entrance makeover:

I’m quite happy with the result. Maybe I need to add some curtain or blind at the window, what do you think?


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    I like the window as-is. This is a beautiful makeover. The colors you chose for the wall stencil is so nice! I can't stop smiling each time I look at it.

    • * * * / * * *

      Thanks Patti. I still don't know for the window. It doesn't need curtain because it is facing a wall. But maybe a blind could look pretty!