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  • Paper Lampshade DIY

    Paper Lampshade DIY
  • Easy to make DIY phone stand

    Easy to make DIY phone stand
  • How to make Paper photo frame

    How to make Paper photo frame
  • How to make extra large pom poms

    How to make extra large pom poms
  • Easy to make 3D Paper house

    Easy to make 3D Paper house
  • DIY Holly Christmas Garland

    DIY Holly Christmas Garland

Easy to make DIY phone stand

We’re all more or less addicted to our cell phones, and having a phone stand around makes life easier. A few years ago I made a phone stand out of wood. Very simple and very…

Make a Beautiful and Easy Wall Hanging with Paper

If you are looking to make a modern wall decor or are on the look for a fun activity to keep your kids busy you can in the right place. Yep, you read well you…

How to wallpaper – The easy way

I have admired wallpaper patterns for years without ever daring to get started. When Christine, from PhotoWall, proposed me to try their papers, I took the opportunity and I get started.   I should have…

DIY lamp cage and bedroom accent wall

Something I want to change this year is being more daring. In life in general but also in my decoration choices. Trying new things, innovate, eventually fail and try again! I just feel a need…

How to sew a DIY plant hanger

I can’t believe summer is almost over! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I was so happy to get back home after our holidays and seeing that almost all my plants…

Little magnet planters

I’m so glad to share you you my last collaboration with Grillo Design. I’m so happy to work with Medina and have my tutorials punished on her blog. If you don’t know Grillo Design yet,…

Renovating the office – The reveal

I’m so happy that my office redo is finally done! I started back in October as I couldn’t hold the orange color anymore. Just a pic of the before so you can really appreciate the…

How to build a simple room divider

Now that the holidays are over and the kids back to school, I can start to work again on my office renovation started in November….damn it! I set myself the goal of finishing the room…