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DIY Mirror Decor

If you want to hang an amazing decorative piece on the wall this DIY mirror is for you.

You can upcycle a round mirror in no time with just paper and cardboard. You read it, you can decorate a mirror without a frame. This palm mirror is easy, cheap and fun to make.

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With just a few simple supplies you can create this high-end wall hanging boho mirror.

You will enjoy making this easy decoration idea. So, ready to start crafting this decorative mirror at home???

How to make a DIY decorative mirror

You first need to gather the supplies:

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To make this DIY I used a beauty mirror I found at a dollar store for 1 US$ and removed the plastic feet. The best option I found online is this one. So maybe it’s worth it to go check at your local store if they have a cheaper one.

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Download and print the palm leaf template. They are two different shapes and you can print each one on a US letter size sheet.

Cut out each shape.

Cut a piece of brown paper that is twice the size of US letter format (or A4). Fold the paper in the center.

Take the brown paper folded in the center and place the leaf template on it.

Align the edge of the template (where “fold” is written) along the brown paper fold and report the palm shape on the brown paper.

Remove the palm template.

Keep the brown paper folded and cut the palm shape following the line.

Starting from the leaf center make little accordion folds on all the leaf.

The folds are about 1/3 inch width.

Make accordion folds on all the leaf, try to make them as straight as possible.

Once all the folds are made, apply glue on the both side of the leaf, next to the bottom side.

Fold the leaf again and hold a little the base of the leaf while the glue dries. You can use a paper clip to hold the leaf base.

Take the folds one by one and cut a tip to give the paper palm a nice shape.

And done! You just finished the first paper palm leaf to make your decorative mirror.

The make the palm mirror you will need 8 paper leaves. I made 4 round shaped leaves and 4 tipped leaves.

Also I choose to cut tips only on the rounded leaves. You can create the leaves combination you like and add dry or paper flowers if you want too.

Remember you will need a total of 8 paper palm leaves to make the mirror.

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Time to make the mirror support using cardboard. You don’t need a lot of it so you can recycle a cardboard box.

Cut a large circle of 10 in. (26cm) diameter in the cardboard. This large circle will make the back of the mirror.

Cut also two circle of 4 1/2 in. diameter (12cm). These two circles are slightly smaller than the 6 in. mirror (15cm).

The cardboard I use is quite thick so it was enough with two circles. If you use thinner cardboard you may need to work with 3 circles.

The idea is to raise the mirror to be able to slide part of the leaves underneath. Don’t worry, it’s very simple, you’ll understand right away.

Use a glue gun to fix the two small circles on top of each other.

Then glue the two small circles on the center of the large circle.

This is how the cardboard support for the mirror must look like at this point.

Start gluing the first leaf on the large cardboard circle. Put glue on the “stem” part of the leaf.

Keep gluing more leaves on the cardboard. As you can see on the picture the leaves are placed around the small cardboard circles.

Also I choose the alternate the leaves shapes to give the mirror an interesting finish. You can try different combination before starting to glue the leaves.

As you can see in the photo the leaves overlap slightly. Once they are all in place, you can add a few dots of glue here and there to keep them in place.

The cardboard center must reach the level of the leaves so you can place your mirror on it.

If it’s not at the same level or a little higher, just glue another cardboard layer on top.

Add glue on top of the small the cardboard circle and place the mirror. Press a little while the glue dries.

To hang the mirror on the wall, cut a piece of twine, fold it to make a loop and glue it on the back.

And other option, if you don’t want to make holes in the wall, is to use this super easy hanging kit.

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Hang your decorative palm mirror on the wall and enjoy!

I placed my palm mirror in the craft room,. It complete nicely the basket wall gallery above the window.

I hope you enjoyed this fun and easy decorative DIY. Let me know in the comments where you would like to hang your palm mirror.

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