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Wheat decor Wall Hanging DIY

wheat wall hanging diy

Who’s up for crafting a cute and easy fall decoration with wheat stalks? I love dry flowers and plants. They are pretty and bring a touch of nature inside the house.

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This wall hanging decoration is very simple to make: a piece of the plywood, some wheat stalks, a little glue, and voila! You can make a wheat wall hanging decor in no-time. This wall decor was inspired by this party wall decoration.

Before starting the DIY, I share some tips to dry and preserve wheat stalks properly.

If you want to start crafting right away, scroll down to discover the tutorial in video or in photos. I also give you simple alternatives to realize this wall decoration without power tools.

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How to dry wheat for decoration?

Start by cutting off a good number of wheat stems. Before drying them, the wheat stalks must be cleaned. Remove the lower leaves and make sure there are no bugs. If the stems you collected are wet (rain or dew), scatter them on a paper towel and let them dry for 24 hours.

When wheats are dry, tie them in small bundles by tying a string or elastic around the stems. Hang the wheat bouquets from a hook or a nail upside down.

Let dry the wheat stalks for one to three weeks in a dry in a temperate room (around 70 Fahrenheit – 20 Celcius).

Where to buy decorative wheat?

If you live in a town or if you don’t have enough time to dry wheat stalks, no worries. You can easily find some in creative hobbies stores or online. You can find some options below:

How to preserve wheat for decoration?

Both wheat and dried flowers are very fragile. If you want to protect them and keep your decoration even longer, here are some preservation ideas for dried plants that can help you.


The easiest and most economical solution is to spray your wheat decoration with hairspray. Apply the hairspray once you have finished your assembly, let dry for a few minutes, and done.
I really like the smell of dry wheat … as you can imagine, the smell of hairspray will replace it.

Acrylic spray

Artistic’s spray is used by artists to seal their artworks (drawing, paint…). You can also use it to protect your dried decorations.

Apply several thin coats respecting the drying time between each.

Floral sealant

Apply this clear spray on the wheat stalks to preserve and protect them. This spray is intended to be applied to dried flowers and also protects against UV’s, so colors won’t fade from exposure to the sun.

This option is a little more expensive, but if you want to keep your wall hanging decoration for a while it’s probably worth it.

How to make a wheat decor wall hanging

Supplies you will need to make this fall wall hanging:

I choose to make the wall decoration with natural wheat, but it can be fun to try with different colors or different dried plants.

Watch the video tutorial to make this easy wheat decor wall hanging

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draw the plywood shape to make wheat decor

Trace a half circle on the plywood scrap. I used a pan lid of 9 inches in diameter (23cm).

cut the plywood to make wheat decor

Cut out the half-circle shape using a jigsaw.

Alternative option: If you don’t have the power tool to cut the plywood. You can use this material instead. You can easily cut balsa sheets with a utility knife.

sand the plywood shape

Sand the piece on the front and the edges.

drill holes on the corner to hang your wheat decor

Drill two holes on each side of the straight edge to then be able to pass the cord and hang the decor on the wall.

Alternative option: If you don’t have a drill you can glue the cord on the back of the piece of wood. This glue will do the job perfectly (and you probably already have some at home).

draw lines to glue the dried wheat

On the back of the wood piece trace several lines that will help you glue the wheat stalks in the right position. Measure the middle of the straight edge and trace a perpendicular line from the edge. Use a square to trace 2 lines at a 45-degree angle on each side of the first line.

glue the dried wheat

Use a glue gun to fix the wheat stalks on the back of the piece. Start by gluing the stalks on the edge and on the lines.

glue dried wheat all around the shape

Keep gluing one stalk at the time, distribute wheat evenly around the half-circle.

pass twine to hang the wheat wall decor

Cut a piece of suede cord, pass it through the holes, and attach with knots.

DIY wall hanging wih wheat

And done! Hang your wheat wall decor where you like. Use it to decorate your front door or to complete a wall gallery.

If you still have some wheat stalks left after making this craft, head over to Amber page and find some extra great ways to decorate with wheat.

As you will see in the pictures below I tried different spots in the house and didn’t decide yet where I will hang it. I like how the wheat looks next to the black a white photo gallery. What do you think? Where you u like to hang your Wheat wall hanging?

wheat decor wall hanging

DIY dried wheat wall decor

Wheat wall hanging for fall decor

DIY wheat wall hanging

DIY wall decor made with wheat

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DIY wheat decor wall hanging

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