How to make a wall art jewelry

We get rid of the advent calendar, so I was looking for something new to hang on this wall. I had pin this wall jewelry awhile ago…just what I needed for this wall and definitely DIYable. It’s quite simple to make, you will need 3mm plywood, sand paper, wood stain, some wire and a piece of jewelry chain.

I draw the shapes on the 3mm plywood board and cut them out with a jigsaw. You can also work with balsa wood which is easy to cut with a cutter.

Sand each pieces to have nice smooth shapes.

Stain the shapes, I used chocolate and mahogany shades. You can also put a coat of varnish when the stain is dry.

Arrange your shapes to make a nice pattern. You gonna use wire loops to attach the shapes together. With a pencil mark the points where you need to drill holes.

With a small drill bit, make the holes.

Attach the shapes together, just pass a piece of wire in the holes and bend it to make a loop. To hang the wall jewelry, make two holes on the top shape and use wire loops to attach a chain.

And done, you have a nice and original new wall art!!

You can find the tutorial to make a star cushion HERE.



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    Hi-I clicked through from Curbly, where I saw this. Really like it; hope to try it!

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      Hello Aidel, It's a quick project to make, it takes around one hour to complete. Have fun crafting.

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    I'll try this today ! Thanks for inspiring !

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      Hello Delphine, you are welcome. I would love to see what you made! Have fun crafting.

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    I really love reading and following your post as I find them extremely informative and interesting. This post is equally informative as well as interesting . Jewelry

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    Wooow, so very creative and beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial, very inspiring.

  5. Dearlives
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    This wall jewelry diy project looks awesome. Like some macrame design. Thanks for posting.

  6. Bryant Jonathan
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    Your idea has opened up a new way for wall decoration. I am always fascinated by the impressive look of those creative art work and thanks to your post, I found the way to make it. I am actually considering a DIY picture hanging frame from your suggestion and I guess it needs some more modification on how to frame the picture, still not damaging it. Thanks again and looking for more post from you.