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  • How to make a pumpkin shaped pillow

    How to make a pumpkin shaped pillow
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    How to make a Fall Leaf Garland
  • Wheat decor Wall Hanging DIY

    Wheat decor Wall Hanging DIY
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    Succulent pillow pattern
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    DIY Desk Organizer Caddy
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    Shoe storage ideas: 21 easy DIY

DIY simple yarn wall hanging with felt flowers

Wool wall hangings have been around as decoration trend for a while now. Yarn wall art gives a warm and natural touch to a room, and it’s a lovely decor for fall and winter. […

How to make a yarn vase

Even if I finally learn how to keep my plants alive, it wasn’t always like that. Not so long ago I was a serial plant killer…I can’t remember who many dies in my hands, but…

Let’s hang some flowers on the wall

I like to have flowers around the house. I’m doing better by keeping my greens alive but it’s more complicated to grow flowers. And being honest, I just killed the last two potted flowers I…

DIY Wall Art with a Scarf

I have a lot of scarves!!! The picture above just show you a small sample of my scarves collection. I wear them very often, even during summer time. As I can only wear one at…

How to create cut paper wall art

Looking for a pretty decor to hang on your wall? Here is a very cool idea: Create your own cutted paper piece of art. It’s fun to make and cost almost nothing. I was inspirited…

A 30 minutes wall art

Today, just a quick and easy way to upgrade your wall! I wanted to have something eye-catching on the wall in front of the staircase. I like wall decals, they are so easy to apply…

DIY plywood wall art

An easy wall art project to hang your favorite quote! You just need a piece of plywood and a nice paper sheet. I paint a watercolor rainbow on a white sheet. It works nicely with…

How to make a wall art jewelry

We get rid of the advent calendar, so I was looking for something new to hang on this wall. I saw some cute wall art jewelry on Pinterest, some made with clay others with wood.…