How to turn any scarf into wall art

I have a lot of scarves!!! The picture above just show you a small sample of my scarves collection. I wear them very often, even during summer time. As I can only wear one at the time, I was wondering if there was an other fun way to enjoy them. And I come up with the idea of display them as wall art. It’s a very simple DIY to make, and it will not damage your scarves. So, once your are tired seeing your scarf hanging on the wall, you can wear it around your neck again.

Material you will need: a piece of dowel, a wooden ring, some rope, a few beads, a hand saw, a pair of scissors, some glue and a nice scarf.

Place the scarf on a flat surface a cut the dowel 2 inches longer than the scarf width. Sand it.

You will use the wooden ring to hang your scarf display on the wall. Make a loop around the ring to attach the rope and add a few beads if you like too.

Make a knot with the rope at each end of the dowel, and add a dot of glue to prevent the rope from sliding away. The rope length has to be the same on each side if you want the dowel to be horizontal once hanged on the wall.

Iron the scarf and fold it around the dowel. Add a few pin to hold the fabric in place.

And done, hang it on the wall and enjoy your new colorful wall art!

I give a try with different scarves…and I don’t know witch one I like the most.

A few tips I learn:

  • It’s easier to place the scarf when the dowel is hanged on the wall.
  • Don’t hesitate to try different way to fold your scarf to have an interesting pattern hanged on the wall.
  • Once you are satisfied with the scarf folding, iron it to keep the folds flat and in shape.

It’s a very fun craft to make, and as I like to change decor quite often it’s perfect! It will save me to make an other zillion nails holes on the walls…;) So tell me, what’s your favorite?

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