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How to make a pom poms scarf

yarn to make pom poms

We all need more pom poms in our life, right? They are soft and fluffy…Easy to make, pom poms are just the perfect craft! A few weeks ago I received a package from Love Crochet with colorful yarn skeins.

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Yarn is a fun material to work with. Even if, like me, you have no idea how to knit or crochet we can still craft pretty things with yarn. If you master the art of knitting, you will enjoy making this awesome scarf😉

When I saw these three soft skeins in pink shades I thought about doing something for my daughter, and what better than a pom pom scarf for this winter? So during a few days, I took advantage of each free time I had, to make pom poms.

[ This post probably contains affiliates links, our full disclosure policy is really boring, but you can read it HERE ]

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making pom poms

How to make a DIY pom pom scarf

Materials you will need:

As you will have to make a lot of pom-poms to complete the scarf I suggest you use a pompom maker. It will be much easier and faster than with a cardboard shape.

I made 18 pom poms, 6 in each shade of pink. The thicker you wrap the yarn around the pom-pom maker the fluffier will be your pom pom.

Once you are done wrapping the yarn around, close the pom pom maker. Start cutting the yarn, by pushing your scissors between the two plastic discs.

It can be a little hard to cut, so you will need a sharp pair of scissors. Make sure the small yarn piece doesn’t fall out the pom pom maker.

Wrap a long piece of yarn between the two plastic discs and around the pompom. Tie off as tightly as possible. You can make a few extra loops and knots to make it extra secure.

If needed you can trim the pom pom a little. Just be careful to not cut the long piece of yarn, you will use it to put the scarf together.

Pull your pom pom out and done! Repeat to make as many pompoms as you want for your scarf.

putting the pom poms scarf together

Once all the pom poms are made, arrange them to create a nice color scheme.

Align the pompoms and attach one to each other at the time to create the scarf. Just make a double (or triple) knot with the long yarn to attach all pom poms together.

trim the yarn

Once the scarf is made, you can cut the extra yarn length.

diy pom pom scarf

And done, enjoy your fluffy pompoms scarf! The scarf is so warm and cozy, my daughter loves it! We took a few pictures in her bedroom, the polka dots wall was just perfect!

It’s a very fun a simple craft to make with yarn, you can also get your kids involved if they want to give you a hand to make their own pom poms scarf. If you master the art of knitting, you can also try to make this pretty scarf.

What do you think? Which yarn color would you like to use to make yourself a scarf? Let me know in the comments.

kids pom pom scarf

pom pom scarf tutorial

girl pom pom scarf

diy pom pom scarf

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How to make a pompom scarf


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Monday 9th of October 2017

Ah mais voilà une "tof"modèle ! Vive les pompons


Friday 6th of October 2017

she is SO cute being the model! tell her she's doing a perfect job.


Friday 6th of October 2017

I will! She really enjoy being a model and I had to take a zillion pictures ;)