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DIY plywood wall art

An easy wall art project to hang your favorite quote! You just need a piece of plywood and a nice paper sheet. I paint a watercolor rainbow on a white sheet. It works nicely with the quote and because I’m on a “can’t wait for the spring” mood!

Cut a circle in the paper you choose. I worked with a 22 x 32 inches plywood board. So the circle is 20 inches diameter. You can use other dimensions who fit your space better. The circle just need to be a little smaller that the board width.

Pick a quote you like, write it in any word program and print it. Choose better a bold and simple font.


You will have to trace the letters on your colored paper. To do so, blackened the back of your text with a pencil.

Place the text on your colored sheet and carefully trace the edge of each letter with the pencil. It’s very important to hold the sheet to keep the text straight.

With the pressure, the pencil that you put behind will mark the letters on the colored paper sheet. Magical!

And finally a work of patience, cut out each letter using a utility knife. Help yourself with a ruler for the straight portions. When you are done cutting, just glue the paper on your plywood board. Keep on the side the central parts of the letters a, p, q ….. you will glue them on the plywood, to finish nicely your text.

And tadaaaaam, your new wall art quote is ready to be hang or place whenever you like! If you want to give a try with an other paper wall art, you can try to make those leaves. And if you prefer working with plywood, you can have a look here.





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