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Customized bunnies socks

diy customized bunny socks

I saw some cute bunny socks on Pinterest and wanted to make my own version. Seriously, little bunnies are too cute and Easter is just the perfect excuse to add them everywhere, don’t you agree?

I customized some white socks for my daughter. It’s the perfect detail to complete her Easter outfit. Also, It’s a super easy craft and you can make it in less than an hour. Now the real question is: Can adults wear bunny socks too? I would love too 😉

materials to make bunny socks

How to make bunnies socks

Materials you will need to customize your socks.

  • A pair of white socks
  • black or dark brown embroidery thread
  • A needle
  • White yarn
  • A fork
  • A pair of scissors

drawing bunny face

Place a piece of cardboard inside the socks and use a pencil to draw the bunny face. It’s just a few lines for the whiskers, a “Y” for the nose and 2 points for the eyes.

embroider bunny

 Embroider your bunny head by following the drawing.

diy pompom bunny tail

Make your bunny tail with a pompom. Here is my suer fast way to make mini pompoms: wrap yarn around a fork. Pass a piece of yarn through the fork center and make a knot to hold the wrapped yarn together.  Cut the yarn edges and take off the fork.

pompom bunny tail

Trim your pompom to give it a nice round shape.

sewing bunny tail

With a few hand stitches, fix the pompon on the back of the sock, a little above the heel. Repeat all steps to make the second customized sock.

diy bunny socks

And ready for Easter! I’m pretty sure that wearing bunnies socks will help to find all the chocolate during the eggs hunt!!! If you need a pretty basket, you can have a look at this no-sew Easter bag.

how to make bunny socks


make easter bunny socks for kids

make bunny socks for kids

Want to remember it? Save these Customized bunnies socks in your favorite Pinterest board.

make easter bunny socks




Saturday 19th of March 2016

Avec la pose d'une mannequin presque professionnelle !!! Vive les lapins de Pâques ;-)

Ama Ryllis

Saturday 19th of March 2016

Ah oui, ça poser elle aime bien!

patti hudepohl

Friday 18th of March 2016

these are SO cute!

Ama Ryllis

Saturday 19th of March 2016

Thanks Patti!