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DIY paper Palm Leaf

DIY palm leaf

A big trend in decoration lately is a simple interior with neutral colors and natural materials. There are so many ways to add a touch of nature in the home. You can use materials like wood, wool, linen, rattan, or simply integrate some natural elements like branches, driftwood, or palm leaves into your decor. If what I just mentioned speaks to you, you will enjoy this DIY.

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I’m showing you how to make palm leaves with brown paper, it’s super easy. Even if you don’t live in the tropics, you can still add an exotic touch to your decor.

You can choose to hang your leaves on the wall or place them in a vase. I show you both variations, so you can display dried palm leaves all-around your house.

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Materials you will need to make a DIY paper palm leaf

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The Paper Palm leaves look better with medium thickness brown paper, avoid using too thin paper as the leaves won’t be sturdy enough to hold straight.
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diy paper palm leaf template

Start to download the template and assemble it. It’s quite easy. You have two different leaves shape template, each one composed of 4 sheets. Cut along the straight lines and tape the sheets together. Help your self placing the numbered arrows facing each other.

Place the leaf template on the brown paper and report the shape using a pencil.

diy paper palm leaf cutting shape

Cut the leaf shape out of the brown paper.

diy paper palm leaf folding

Take your leaf and fold it in the middle.

diy paper palm leaf folding accordion

Open your leaf and starting from the center, fold the paper to make an accordion. Exactly like the ones we use to make as kids. Try to keep the folds straight and with the same width.  A good measure to have between each fold is 1/2 inch (1 cm).

diy paper palm leaf folded

Once you are done folding one half, get back to the center fold and start folding the second part of your leaf.

diy paper palm leaf tape the base

Unfold a little your leaf and pinch the bottom. To hold the bottom folds together and make the “stem” base, wrap tape around it. The best is to use brown tape if you don’t have any you can use transparent tape and after all cover it with a piece of brown paper.

Get ready to make a bunch of paper palm leaves and grab this tape to make the craft easier.

And done! You just make a nice paper palm leaf. Below I show you how to cut the palm edge to make tips and give the leaf another look. I also explain how to add a dowel if you like to make a stem.

diy paper palm leaf cutting edges

If you want to make a palm leaf with tip edges you need to cut little notches all around the palm edge. Please note that it’s easier to do this step before wrapping the tape to hold the bottom of the palm together.

You have to cut the notches on all the folds that are on the same side. I explain: the folds are alternate, one up the other down. You take whatever you want, all the up folds or all the down folds, it doesn’t matter. You pinch the fold and cut a triangular shape along the fold. Keep cutting all around the leaf, always taking the same side of folds.

diy paper palm leaf with stem

Open your leaf and adjust the notches if necessary, I cut some tips to make them sharper.

diy paper palm leaf gluing stem

To add a stem, open the centerfold at the bottom of the leaf, add some glue and fix the dowel. Wrap some tape around the dowel and the bottom folds to hold the palm and the dowel together.

Watch the video tutorial to make DIY paper Palm Leaf



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diy paper palm leaf

And done! What do you think? It’s a super easy paper craft to make. I find it quite relaxing to make the folds.

You can hang a palm leaf as wall decor, to do so just use double-sided tape or this tape to hold the leaf in place. Another decoration idea is to display the palm leaves on a vase or a glass bottle. This craft is so easy to make that it’s also a great option for party decor.

Tell me where would you like to display your paper dried palm leaves? I love to see what you create with my tutorials, leave a message in the comments, or drop me an email at amaryllis(at)ohohdeco(dot)com.

Have fun crafting!

diy paper palm leaf

DIY paper palm leaf

DIY paper palm leaf decor

DIY paper palm leaf wall decor

DIY paper palm leaf decor

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DIY paper palm leaf tutorial


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Monday 14th of August 2023

The link to download the template seems different than the one that is in the video. Is there another link available?


Friday 1st of September 2023

Hello Lesley, You can have access to all templates and patterns in the library It´s free, you can get your password HERE


Sunday 18th of July 2021

For the pointy one, did you cut the leaf shape before folding or after?


Tuesday 27th of July 2021

Hello, I cut the shape before folding. You can download the leaf template on my library, it's free ;)