How to DIY with rattan?

Rattan is a great material, it’s natural and add a warm atmosphere to a room decor. It’s a climbing plant which thanks to its flexibility is use to create countless objects, from baskets to furniture. It can be braided in several ways to create a wide variety of patterns. I would love to learn how to work with this material. Don’t you think it will be great to create you own rattan objects?

Meanwhile, we can purchase some common rattan articles and find an original way to customize them. You can have a look at those awesome tutorials as inspiration. I really like the covered cane vase…tell me, which one is your favorite?


Image above: DIY painted rattan plate holder

DIY rattan pencil case

DIY rattan wall clock

DIY rattan lampshade upgrade

DIY rattan vase

Customized rattan basket

DIY faux rattan glass


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