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Paper Lampshade DIY

If you are looking for an easy and economical way to dress a light bulb, nothing is simpler than this DIY paper lampshade.

This paper lampshade is easy to make. You don’t need to make complicated folds or start a complex origami.

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Just print the template on paper sheets of your choice. Cut along the lines and glue!

And voila, you can make a lampshade in less than 30 minutes. It’s that simple to make this nice rounded ceiling lampshade.

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Can I make a lampshade out of paper?

Many different materials can be used to make lampshades: fabric, glass, wicker, plastic and paper.

To DIY, we have to look for economical and easy to work materials. This is why paper is a great option to dress up a bulb.

As you will see in the tutorial, the paper lampshade rests on the socket and is not in contact with the bulb.

However, you have to use energy-saving or LED bulbs. These bulbs don’t emit heat and are safer than traditional halogen.

Plus you save energy, so it’s even better.

Supplies you will need to make the lampshade

You will need 5 US letter size (or A4) paper sheets to print the lampshade pattern.

Choose any paper color you like. Remember the darker is the paper the less it lets light through. Think about the mood you want to create.

If you need some tips this post gives you the best tips for a great lighting decor. It explain all you need to know to set up proper lighting across your home.

What kind of paper is used for lampshades?

To make a paper lampshade prefer paper that diffuses the light as semi-transparent and light-colored papers.

Choose a paper that is a little tick and that will hold better than plain bond paper. Card stock paper will work great to make this lampshade.

My favorite paper to make lamp is textured paper, like drawing Canson paper. You can find them usually in art supply stores.

Canson paper has a really nice texture that will show when you light up the lamp and allow a warm and nice lighting.

You can make this lamp with any color of paper you like. Think about the ambience you want to create.

Remember the darker the paper is, the less light it will let through.

You can also work with patterned paper to create a unique decorative lampshade that will match your decoration.

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How to make a paper lampshade

print paper lampshade pattern

Download and print the lampshade pattern. You will need 5 sheet of paper.

Cut the paper lampshade template

Cut a first shape following the lines.

cut 5 identical pieces to make the paper lampshade

Keep cutting to have 5 identical shapes.

fold the flaps to make the paper lampshade

Fold the rounded flaps of every shape. Folding the flaps will help you assemble the lampshade.

glue the pieces together to make the paper lampshade

Take two shapes, put glue o the flaps and assemble. Start by align the bottom edges.

You can choose to keep the flaps visible, so you will have a lampshade with wavy edges, as I did.

Or you can hide the flaps inside the lampshade. You will have neat edges but the wavy edges may still show through paper transparency when you turn the light on.

press the flaps to ensure good adherence and have a nice shaped paper lampshade

Press each flap to ensure good adherence. Don’t hesitate to add glue if needed.

glue 5 pieces togheter to make the diy paper lampshade

Repeat the same steps to attach the five paper shapes together. Leave one side open to easily place the shade over the lamp.

place the paper lampshade around the bulb

Place the lampshade above the bulb, around the wire.

You don’t need to touch or make any electrical work. For safety ensure that the switch is turned off when placing the lampshade.

glue the paper lampshade

Add glue on the flaps and close the lampshade gluing the sides together.

You can help yourself using a paper clip to hold the bottom together while gluing the top part of the lampshade.

DIY paper lampshade

Light up the lamp and enjoy!

As you can see the wavy edges show more when the light is on and on light colored paper. I like this little detail.

paper lampshade diy

Which color would you like to make your lampshade? Would you like to try a patterned paper?

Watch the video tutorial to make a DIY paper lampshade

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diy paper lampshade

This paper lampshade is an easy DIY, you can make one in less than 30 minutes.

The template is available as instant download. As soon as you complete your purchase you can print the pattern and start making your lampshade.

Have fun crafting with paper!

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Easy to make paper lampshade

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Easy DIY paper lampshade
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